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Tiny Tangles

Last month, I went to Irving, TX for a CZT Marketing Retreat. Among the myriad of wonderful things I learned there was something called Tiny Tangles. It is a technique invented by Angie Vangalis, CZT that she shared with us at the retreat.

I usually use an 005 Micron in my work anyway,  so while it took me a little while, it was fun. I only had time to do one ATC-size and one Tile- size, but I plan on doing more. It’s an easy way to add color to your tangles.

Tile-sized Tiny Tangles


I love the way this turned out. I love the color combination. I didn’t shade it since there was already color there, but I might try that next time with colored pencils. I used an 005 on this tile to draw the tangles.  I used Ranger Adirondack ink pads for the color.

ATC-sized tiny tangles

grayRAZ This was just a quick experiment where I tried to make the squares look like they were dropping downward. I  used a purple 01 Micron, which is something I almost never do, and a Staz-On grey ink pad for the squares.

As Individual as Handwriting

I often tell my students that although I am teaching them how to draw tangles a specific way, their tangles may not look like mine. And that is not only okay, it’s great. It’s great because tangling is as individual as handwriting. With handwriting, some people may prefer script while others only use block print. Some people put years of practice into calligraphy. It’s all a personal preference.

How Tangles are Like Letter Forming

1. We are not born knowing how to write or tangle.
2. Practice makes your work better.
3. It gets easy the more you do it.
4. Learning the “proper” way is a good way to start.
5. Breaking the “rules” can create beautiful forms.

An Example





In this class, I first taught them how to do the tangles, with shading variations, then let them choose how to put those into their tiles themselves. Here are some of the different ideas they came up with! Awesome!