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Random Acts of Zentangle

Random Acts of Zentangle

tile4tile6One of my fellow CZTs started a new Facebook group for fans of tile2Zentangle and Random Acts of Art. It’s perfect for me because I have been recently leaving tiles around randomly wherever I go. I just carry a bunch of finished tiles in my purse, and I place one somewhere where I hope someone will find it and like it. I mark on the back that it is a gift, but I also put my email address in case anyone wants to let me know they like it.

Join the Group!

If you’d like to join the group yourself, the link is here:

The group is open to anyone currently practicing the art of Zentangle.
Create a Zentangle or Zentangle-inspired art and place it in a public place where it can be found. Be sure to take a pic of your little gift ‘in hiding’ and share it here along with a description.